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Occasio Property Management is a full-service Arizona Property Management company. We are perfect for those wanting to sit back and put their investment property on auto-pilot.

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A Tempe Property Management Company

More rent for your property. Put your property on autopilot and enjoy your life while Occasio takes care of the daily management and billing. As a leading property management company in Tempe, we feel strongly committed to protecting your investment and providing you with the best service in rental analysis, and compete to get the homeowner the most rent for their property.

We Preserve Your Property

Occasio Realty is formed by a team of local real estate experienced professionals who are entirely committed to their goal, which is selling some of the most desired homes in Greater Phoenix. Give us a call and allow us to know what you’re looking for. Feel free to contact us and use all the helpful tools we have on our website, including our exclusive Greater Phoenix Real Estate search.

When in search of an excellent property management that you can count on, it requires more than hiring any property manager or management company.

You get your own personal property manager who gets your home rent-ready and fills your vacancy quickly so you can get a higher and more reliable recurring income completely hands-free. You are going to love OPM.

- Jason T. CEO of OPM

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Selling vs Renting Out A Property

While the difference between selling and renting out your home or other properties is obvious, the latter may be a more viable option, especially when you are having a tough time completing the former. Why? Think about making a profit, capitalize tax benefits, and maintain your property.

Do I Need A Property Management LLC Company?

Would you like to increase the return on investment of your property? Are you trying to find better ways to make the most out of your property? Well, OPM is the answer! Whether you have worked with property management companies before or you are about to start working with rental properties services, we are here to provide you with the best service you can think of! Counting with excellent property management requires more than hiring a property manager. As a property management company in Tempe, we feel strongly committed to protecting your investment and providing you with the best service in rental analysis in order to assist you to get the most out of it. Using the most accurate and updated information available, we provide you with the assistance you need to comprehend the improvements your property requires to attract possible tenants and agree to the best rental rate. At Occasio Property Management, the top-level property management company Tempe AZ can rely on, not only will you get the best out of your investment today, but you will also do it in the years to come..

Property Management Company in Tempe AZ

Being on the forefront of real estate news, economy and local housing. Using the most accurate and updated information available, we offer budget-friendly solution opportunities to improve the property, to attract possible tenants at a above-fair rental rate. We also carry out move-in evaluations and consistent inspections to make sure your property is well taken care of. With our in-house systems in place, proactive stand on property management, and response to the requests of tenants, you can confidently expect a great experience and be hassle-free of juggling everything yourself. Helping you save time and energy while making money in the long run is our main goal. At OPM, a top-level property management company Tempe AZ, homeowners can rely on our team of experts to get the best out of your investment not only in the current market, but also in the years to come.

How Much Can I Rent My Property in Tempe AZ?

Get a Property Rental Estimate - At Occasio Property Management (OPM), we are committed to getting you the best tenants (a tenant guarantee) who will not turn out to cause unnecessary issues to your real estate but enjoy their contract time, and possibly want to stay longer. We also offer swift, round the clock services to tenants in your rental properties. With our free rental consultation, we can review your rental property provide in-depth analysis to make sure your property meets standards. You can always contact us for your free rental consultation.

Looking for Rental?

Contact us to see the full list of rentals.

After the Quote, What’s Next?

Once the quote is out of the way, we can proceed to take pictures of your rental and get other information about your property that we need to prepare it for rent. We will also suggest improvements that can make your property more marketable and possibly rent for a higher price.

Who Are My Future Tenants?

Finding you the best possible tenant placement, is where Occasio Property Management Tempe AZ divison excels at. You will be provided with a professional property manager, who will manage the marketing of your property and give weekly to monthly reports. Other services like professional showings and attending to all your questions are also covered, because at OPM we care for your unit as if it were one of ours. Additional questions on our FAQ page.

How Do You Manage My Property and Tenants

Our Tempe property management and real estate division provides unrivaled residential property management by linking you to a competent experienced manager that handles issues like maintenance, legal notices, rental property tax returns, rent collection, eviction notices, and more. Because we offer a flat rate, you do not have to pay extra for services provided on your home as you would with other PM companies.

What Happens if My Renter Moves Out?

With us, moving out does not have to be a problem. We have a move-out process that is proactive to make the move as seamless as possible. We also make sure the chance of losing out on potential rental income is substantially reduced. At Occasio Property Management, we understand that time is money, and we work tirelessly to make sure you never lose out on either.

How do I Know You Will Select the Perfect Tenant?

We always select the possible best tenant for you, and we do this by checking that they meet several criteria points that have been proven to better guage a quality tenant seeking a rental property:

  • Employment: We do not only find employed tenants, but we make sure they also boast a steady employment history. A tenant who changes jobs often may not be reliable and is more likely to default on rent payments.

  • Income: Sometimes, good and stable employment is not enough. We check the level of income of the potential tenant to make sure that the income is sufficient to pay rent, and provide for other basic amenities. We ensure that our tenants are not paying more than 25% of their monthly income, which statistically provides a better coverage and cushion to pay rent on time.

  • Credit Check: Debt is not the problem; excessive debt is. We also check the history of late payments as this may show poor decision making or lack of financial stability for the real estate Tempe property.

  • Lawsuits: Public records will show whether your potential tenant has been involved in a lawsuit before, and what the suit was about.

  • Criminal History: Other than lawsuits, we also check their criminal records. Small mischief does not entirely disqualify a prospective tenant, but serious crime in the recent past or regular offenses over time may raise a red flag. We also consider all of these to make sure that you have law-abiding tenants.

  • Former Landlord: We also check real estate rental history, as part of our property managment services. We check in with their former landlords and learn how they lived at previous locations. We also check the history of damaging property or causing trouble.

  • Our Guts: We have been doing this for some time, so we also have our instincts, know-how, and experience. We also employ this in choosing who is best for you.

Residential Management

With an incredibly competitive residential rental market in Tempe Arizona, choosing the right property management company can be a great solution for any successful investment vision. With thousands of new local residents moving-in, and more jobs being created, Arizona has become one of the leading booming States, and has not had signs of stopping any time soon. Which is the perfect recipe to turn a property into a rental. Which is why getting a management team to protect rental property investments is more popular than ever.

Multi-Family Property Management

Outside of single family properties, we also provide full-services for a multi-family property. We have maintenance services available, and help you get the best from your investments. In our experience of picking up formerly maintenaced properties, lack of proper management by many landlords has eventually resulted in large maintenance expenses and reductions in profit. Request a quick rental quote if asking how much my property will rent for. We thrive to out perform other property management companies in the Valley.

Commercial Property Management Services

Our Tempe property management services are not complete without real commercial property management. We are skilled at ensuring that your commercial property gets leased for the best price. We have experience in managing commercial properties in Tempe, and we do this to your satisfaction. The daily running of your property shouln’t cause a burden or stress. We have the knowledge to get all aspects of proper management, including the legal requirements for effecting evictions and collections. Contact us for all your Commercial property Management Tempe AZ needs.

Tempe Arizona
Property Management Service Tempe AZ

FAQ’s About Property Management Tempe, AZ

Is a license required to be a property manager in Arizona?

A real estate broker’s license is needed to legally operate as a property manager in Arizona. To get one, it is necessary to receive 90 hours of education and a 6-hour contract writing class, and to pass an exam and a background check. However, there are some exceptions for on-site managers, community association managers and short-term rentals.

Is Tempe safe? Yes, it is quite safe.

There are some areas of the city that are less safe than others, but they are considerably safe in general.

Is Tempe a good place for retirement?

As this Valley city is considered one of the best places for retirees, it is a top spot to move for retirement. It is also the location of Arizona State University and residents are able to take ASU classes and attend other university programs and events.

What is Tempe, Arizona known for?

Besides Arizona State University, there’s much more going on in this loving city, such as the Tempe Festival of Arts, the longest-standing, juried arts festival in the state. If you are new, check out the Arts, Culture, and History.

About Tempe, Arizona

Tempe is a city just South East of Phoenix, Arizona. Its eye-catching Center for the Arts hosts events as concerts, dance and comedy shows, while sporting events take place at Wells Fargo Arena. Nearby, Tempe Town Lake counts with kayaks, pedal boats, and paddleboards. Rising above the city, centuries-old rock art can be found at Hayden Butte Mountain. In Maricopa County, Tempe is one of the best places to live in Arizona, with most citizens renting their homes. This city offers residents an urban-suburban mix lifestyle, with great options for restaurants, coffee shops and parks. Thinking of visiting? Tempe tourism highlights things to do.

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