What Exactly Does A Property Management Company Do?

Property management companies do almost everything related to managing your property, including marketing, finding quality tenants to occupy property, collecting rent, overseeing maintenance and repair issues, dealing with tenant complaints, and, if necessary, conducting evictions.

What Services Do Property Management Companies Offer?

Property management companies can offer all or some of the following services: advertising and marketing, applicant screening, site viewing, lease implementation, maintenance, handling of tenant needs, collection, and accounting and reporting to the owner.

Do Property Management Companies Pay for Repairs?

Generally, property repairs are funded by the landlord. As compensation for their service and time, the property manager may ask for a percentage of the repair costs - usually 10%.

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What Is Property Management
What is Property Management?

Property Management is the overseeing (or managing) of a property that is owned by another party or entity.

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Why Should I Rent My Property?

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What Makes A Good Property Rental
What Makes A Good Rental Property?

OPM lines out what makes a property a good, cash flow positive rental into vs a bad one.

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